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Our event will be the host to two separate mini events:  The Lake Andrea Dragonfest and the ADBA Regional Championships.  Although teams may race against each other throughout the day, the scoring will be separate for purpose of medals and awards.


Local Community teams will be comprised of 20 paddlers and 1 drummer.  The teams are co-ed mixed and must have a minimum of 8 female paddlers.  All community teams will get 2 free practices with all equipment and a professional coach provided. Click here to Register Your Community Team.


With regard to the ADBA Regional Championships portion of our event, many club crew teams may want to race in multiple divisions.  As such, we are offering discounted rates to enter your team in additional division races.

Example: "ABC Team" may want to enter Senior C Mixed and Senior C Women classes, that 2nd entry would be entitled to a discount.  Click here to Register Your Club Team.


Teams  By Jun 14th Aft Jun 14th  
Lake Andrea Dragonfest
Local Community Teams $850 $900  
Teams By March 29th By May 31st After May 31st
ADBA Regional Championships
Club Crew (1st team entry) $800 $900 $1000
Club Crew (2nd team entry) $600 $700 $900
Club Crew (3rd team entry) $400 $500 $600
Subsequent Entries $400 $500 $600


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